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Zoom Hoop Earring - KAFF
Zoom Hoop Earring - KAFF
Zoom Hoop Earring - KAFF
Zoom Hoop Earring - KAFF
Zoom Hoop Earring - KAFF

Hoop Earring - KAFF

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Hoop Earring - KAFF

Hoop Earring - KAFF
These gold plated, stainless steel hoop earrings with the popular Khamsa & Evil Eye design are the sweetest accessory to add to your collection. Considered a charm that brings good luck and wards off negative energy, choose from our assortment of beautiful color combinations.
  • Jewellery Type: Earrings
  • Accessories Details: Gold Plated
  • Color Wash: Light
  • Minimum Length (cm): 1.1
  • Total Length (cm): 1.1
  • Item Weight (kg): 0.2
  • Care Instructions: Avoid Perfume
  • Earring Type: Hoops
  • Stone Type: Enamel


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